Why hire a copyeditor?

You’ve drafted your manuscript and are almost ready to turn it in. But you still have a few lingering doubts: How do I format lists? Which capitalization rules should I follow for the primary headings and subheadings? When do I add commas to introductory phrases? Don’t worry! At Editing and Beyond, our experienced copyediting team will work with you to resolve these and other issues. And remember, all our copyediting services are available in English and Spanish.

Copyeditors—What we do

Copyeditors act as the author’s second pair of eyes. We aim to improve the clarity, flow, and readability of your manuscript. We correct grammar, spelling, and syntax and ensure that texts are well written, logically structured, and true to the author’s voice. Copyeditors enforce consistency by adhering to particular style manuals like Chicago, APA, or AP. We provide authors with style sheets and raise queries with them through in-text comments. We also verify basic facts, such as names, addresses, and URLs.

Copyediting services—What we offer

At Editing and Beyond, our copyediting services ensure that your final product is free of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We tailor our edits to your target audience so that the text effectively communicates the your intended purpose and meets the audience’s needs and expectations.

We offer three levels of copyediting:*


Similar to our proofreading services, light copyediting corrects all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage. While it points out wordy or confusing paragraphs, light copyediting ignores minor patches of wordiness, imprecise wording, and jargon. It queries the author on factual inconsistencies.


Like light copyediting, medium copyediting—our most popular service—corrects all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage. It goes further, though, by supplying suggested revisions to wordy and unclear sentences and paragraphs. Medium copyediting also verifies questionable facts and queries the author about faulty organization and gaps in logic.


Heavy copyediting is appropriate for text that requires more extensive rewriting. In addition to correcting all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage, it rewrites any wordy or confusing sentences and paragraphs. Heavy copyediting verifies questionable facts and revises those that are incorrect. It queries and fixes faulty organization and gaps in logic.

Our copyediting services include

  • two full passes through the manuscript
  • unlimited email correspondence to ask questions/resolve doubts after the document has been edited
  • upon request, a style sheet that records decisions about spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, numbering, and so forth

*From The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn.

Our copyediting process—What to expect

Although it can vary slightly by client, our copyediting process usually involves the following steps:


Prospective clients send us a sample (at least two to four pages) of their unedited manuscript. They also describe their needs and expectations, preferred style manual (if any), and anticipated timeline.


We conduct a sample edit to determine the level of copyediting required.


Within one or two business days, we respond to the client with an estimated time commitment and fee.


If both sides agree, we send a contract with terms and conditions.


Let the copyediting begin!

Interested in our services? We offer a free copyediting sample and quote. For inquiries, write info@editingandbeyond.com or fill out the contact form.