With the exception of translation and transcription, all of our services are billed hourly. Rates depend on clients’ particular needs and expectations, as well as on the type and level of service requested (e.g., “light” versus “heavy” copyedit).  For editing requests, we ask that clients submit a short manuscript sample (2-4 pages at 250 words/pg.), which we use to determine the estimated fee and time commitment. All our services include one round of basic revision after the author has reviewed the edited or translated manuscript. Our rates are based on industry standards established by the Editorial Freelance Association.

Pricing (USD)
$30 - 40 / hour
Substantive Editing
$35 – 45 / hour
$0.12 - 0.15 / word
$3 - 4 / audio minute

Discounts available for students!

If you need a budget for our other services, such as Proofreading, Fact-Checking, Copywriting, Web Design, or SEO, please write us to or fill out the contact form.